Saturday, May 05, 2007


So I've made some decisions in the past few weeks and I've had some tough calls to make even in the last few days.

First of all....I'm not going overseas. I'm not ready yet and I don't have my affairs in order so it's not going to happen. This means I'll be staying in the burn for some time and subbing most likely. But I'm cool with that so it's no big deal.

I thought I was going to be buying a new vehicle right quick but I've decided not to. The payments I could probably make, but the support costs (plates, and gas per month) are almost as much as the payments themselves so I will be holding onto my Black Beauty for another year most likely while I pay down some loans. I'm a bit disappointed because I really would like something new but oh well I still have like 4 years to take advantage of my grad bonus.

I've been subbing an awful lot lately. There is a demand for subs, especially in the rural areas, which will probably be my bread and butter next year.

That's all for now

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What the @#$% is wrong with the nursing profession?

Ok so curiousity got the best of me and after 2 months, I decided to read up on my Ex's blog. After reading some of her March posts I was a bit pissed off that such a "caring" profession doesn't care about their own. I mean Jeebus lives are on the line and so many of them have their heads sooooo far up their asses they are basically giving themselves a scalp enema and shitting all over what the profession stands for. Yeah my ex has her faults but seriously as a nurse fairly new to a ward she should have the support of her co-workers and superiors. I know she had issues out at her previous job but this is riddiculous because as I said....LIVES ARE ON THE LINE.

In my profession the new learn from the experienced. New teachers bring fresh ideas from the university while veterans bring the experince and Wisdom. Sure not everyone gets along but we all have the same common goal and finding the easiest/best way to accomplish it what we strive for. Now I'm not trying to talk up my profession but it certainly has a more colegial atmosphere than what nursing seems to have.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Reflection on life and death

OK so on Friday I found out that a friend of mine was killed in a horrible car accident. It didn't dawn on me just who she was until today though...when the whole story started to add up. Blue Mustang...worked at a daycare, hasn't seen her parents in a few months...wait a minute I know this girl...fairly well. Though I'm not exactly sad or crying about it ( I didn't know her that well), I can't help but think about all the memories it digs up. The last conversation I had with her was on MSN about why she shouldn't take her car to a certain garage for fear of her being ripped off. I just feel a bit weird erasing her name and number from my phone. I was thinking about deleting her name from MSN messenger but I might hold onto it maybe...I don't know why exactly. Maybe because it shows how she left her mark on the world, and she won't be forgotten...for a while. I think I'm going to put all my passwords in a safe place where people will find it in the event of my passing. I think I would like whoever handles my affairs to at least send a mass e-mail to all the people to let them know. Maybe that's a bit morbid...but I haven't had a name to erase off my MSN list due to death. I suppose it would have happened eventually (lets be honest) but I just wasn't sure when.

Both her and her car both gone in an instant...which makes me appreciate all the things I do in life and why I need to do more, and be with the people that I like the most more often. I need to go on the canoe trip this summer, I need to do some serious traveling in my life. Who knows maybe those things will be my death...but if so then what kind of life would I have in the alternative? Sitting around in a call that living? At least I'm in a profession that nurtures life.


Friday, April 06, 2007

How often do you just go out on a limb?

That is the question I pose of my gentle readers. Tonight I was bored, been in all week and I just want to go to the bar and have some drinks. However, my regular drinking team which involves a pair of truckers has to work in the morning. So I gave a chance and I ended up going for a beer with Kristy G. at the KG. Her and her friends...while somewhat attractive...could not keep my attention. The KG wasn't keeping their attention so they dragged me to the Royal. Of course one must remember a flock of girls can't ever go to the bathroom alone. I ended up being ditched several times by them for this on-going migration and I got bored and wandered off. I ended up running into people who I more or less knew of...but beyond names and the occasional meeting don't know from a hole in the ground. However 2 of them are people who picked up me and Jeremy way back in the fall (I believe I may have blogged about it a few months back).

Anyways, the little group of us gathered in the only room you can have a conversation without screaming at the person next to you. There I ran into L. Cole and a pile of other people I knew but didn't and Laila's friends were there too. It was certainly odd but it was fine I didn't mind the company because they weren't boring. We had an ice fight, that was on-going and well it was just plain fun. Left a hell of a mess but meh. I decided I had to stay sober for this trip.

"No, booze would be a bad thing tonight", my mind was telling me.

I did head outside after the ice fight for a small 420 session. While outside this really, drunk guy (who was passing out in the bar was hilarious...people taking pictures and shit with him...). He had a bit of a slurish accent and he could barely stand or talk for that matter. He just leaned on a truck staring at the ground and a little trail of puke that rolled under someone's Chevy. Myself and another guy tried to get some information out of him but to little avail. He was some kind of screwed up, but when asked what drugs he was on he kept saying they weren't his thing. Surely an out-of towner. He wore a wool cap with ear flaps and buttons all over it and Kaki's that a few splatters on them (maybe something he stepped in HAHA).

After the cigs were all out and our poor attempt at interrogation (next time I'm the bad cop) we went back into the frenzy. The bar was packed before, but now it was Paaaaaaaaacked! Literally sliding room only. I was trying to get by some people and I ended up half falling and then flopping into an empty and sitting across from me when I looked up is my brother with a dumbfounded face.

"what are you doing here?" he asked.

"I....really don't know...." I honestly couldn't think of a good reason to be there.
We chatted a bit, he tried to sick a cougar on me but I already know just to play dead and they leave you alone. It was at that point I just knew I needed to get out of there it was too much. Too many people for me if was after all Thursday night and the next day is good Friday.

I ran into the 2 gals that had picked me and Jeremy up earlier in the year. They wanted to go to a party and invited me along and I decided it couldn't be any worse than this. I was pleasantly surprised it was! The 'party' was at Touque's who I know from just living in Weyburn all my life but again I have never been formally introduced. It was a good meeting I like the guy. He showed me lots of fishing trip pictures from up north, which reminded me that the canoe trip is coming up (woo-hoo). We were there for a while, and this nice blond girl was obviously taking a shine to me and she suggested we all go for a drink. By the time we drop her friend and her guy off at their place, last call has already been given. So she turns around and heads back to her car. Leaving me and Toque staring at each other...knowing that the other is thinking of pursuing the girl. I wanted to go...he even offered her to me. I don't know why I turned her down, I was sober, that might have made a difference. Something inside of me said I could do better. That might make me arrogant but meh. Not only that but I also felt like sleeping alone.

So I walked to my car right outside the KG and went home. Then I decided to blog about it. Sorry if it's been a long boring post but inspiration strikes when we least expect it. It certainly will be memorable.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Monthly update

Sorry all, I just don't get to this as often as I would like to.

Here's the scoop:

1. I'm not sure I"ll have a teaching job come fall
2. I do like teaching though
3. Cabin party a no-go this summer....It's my call I've made it...not going to happen sorry small gatherings of a few people yes. But I'm not having more than 6 people out at a time sorry.
4. Weighing out my job options maybe I can find a non-teaching job to use my degree with.
Maybe I'll head overseas once I get my passport together and go teach ESL. I'm thining of joining the RCMP maybe but it wouldn't be right away maybe a year from now after some physical and discipline training. I don't know such is the stress of living life in a constant state of flux. Some days I think it would be nice to own my own home and have the stability of a steady permanent job. Oh well, c'est le vie.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another lovely day in Regina

Hey all, what a treat you get 2 blogs in one week!

So let's see what did I do today. I got up, had breakfast with L, and B. I met with a friend Kar and we sat around BSing and watched some survivorman and Mantracker (both excellent shows).

I also managed to land a date for the evening with a fine young lady. That's probably all I'm going to mention about that because I'm going to mention less about the ol' personal life from now on.

Today during breakfast I was having a conversation with Ryan about: Should people who want to have children have to write an exam and be a registered parent in order to raise their children? I think so!

Some people will argue: What about human are you going to legislate this...Where does religion fall into this...

Well first of all. I've worked in enough messed up homes to know right now that there should be some sort of mental/emotional prerequisit to being a parent other than just putting a penis into a vagina.

As for the charlie church...there is no abortion to discuss...the parent will just have the child taken at the hospital or clinic or whenever it is discovered that the child shouldn't be there. Of course a provision would be in place to give the parent a few months to study and get their license.

I dont' have time to go into all the facets like what about if the wife has her license but not the husband. Or what about immigrants, homosexual couples, First Nations etc... I dont' know I'm openning up a dialogue to those interested in discussing it.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back to the blog

Here I am everyone I decided to pick the blog back up after a long absence. I have some things to talk about. I'm a bit jaded over my job but I'm enjoying it not too badly. I'm single and enjoying that too but I am certainly looking. I deleted a few posts because some crazy person left some shitty comments on them and I started moderating my comments so not just anyone can leave least not as annonymous. I just spent $700 on my car brakes and cooling sucks but it still beats buying something new. I went to a teachers convention and that was ok not too shabby learned alot about financial planning for my future. Get rid of all debts first before I start to save for my future not a bad plan I'm down with that. I don't have much else to say other then I'll be in Regina for a few days hopefully hanging out with people I don't get to see very often. yeah sorry boring update but it's better than nothing...oh well I guess I have a story to tell...

I may have wasted one of those wishes that you might have in your lifetime on icecream. I was at the grocery store....sent to pickup some Vanilla, and I was looking in one cooler and I saw some orange sherbet and I thought MMMMM.....I would love to get some of that...but I was sent to get Vanilla and I don't have money for both...I wish that they made a vanilla and sherbet combo....and low and behold in the next cooler there it was Orange Sherbet and Vanilla Ice cream....TOGETHER! I should have wished for a million dollars...oh well I'm still happy with my Ice cream.